02 de April de 2019


His prison happened to avoid him winning the 2018 elections and bring back to Brasil a democratic and progressist project model. Lula, who was leading in the polls, was forbidden to run, imprisoned and unable to give interviews and to communicate with the Brazilian society. Sergio Moro responsible for Lula’s sentence and arrest, became a justice minister for Bolsonaro. In other words, the one who plotted a trial without proofs against Lula was associated to the person most benefited from Lula’s imprisonment: Jair Bolsonaro.


Lula was wrongfully condemned for the crime of passive corruption, a crime based on a supposed ownership of an apartment in Guarujá City, without any material evidence. In reality, at the time the conviction took place, this apartment belonged to OAS, a construction company which, used it as a collateral for a loan with Caixa Econômica. The sentence claims that Lula was condemned by an unspecified ex- office act, an non- existent jurical figure in the Brazilian criminal law. During the trial, none of the 73 witnesses heard at the 23 hearings could show proof that Lula owned the property. Neither Lula or his family spent a day or a night, at least, in that property. However, judge Sergio Moro used as principal evidence a mere statement, obtained through a “plea agreement” from the president of the construction company, OAS, responsible for the apartment and condemned to 40 years imprisonment, and who also, received a drastic reduction in his sentence as a reward.

The conviction in the sentence known as “Atibaia farmhouse” is no less absurd. Acused of having favoured Brazilian construction accompanies in exchange for renovations to the alluded farmhouse, up to now there is no specification, by the accusers, of which of Lula’s actions could be classified as an act of corruption. Nor was there any proof that he owned the property and, therefore be the beneficiary of the renovations. On the contrary, the purchase of the ” Atibaia farmhouse” as well as its ownership has been confirmed as a Mr. Jacó Bitter, who presented a purchase receipt, a lawful bank transfer as the property’s payment and land registry in his family name. Even the Public Federal Ministry recognizes to not being able to confirm any money laundering related to the Atibaia farmhouse’ s purchase. Even though, Lula was sentenced to 12 years and 11 months imprisonment by a trial full of grotesque mistakes and signed in record timing.


The political imprisonment of Luis Inácio Lula da Silva and the constant violation of his civil and political rights carried out by a partisan judiciary in war with its own people; Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes execution, and the disturbing delay in solving a case involving a council woman- and human rights activist- exposes a true deterioration of the Democratic Rule of Law in Brazil.


For all the arguments exposed previously, Lula’s freedom is a struggle belongs to all democratic and progressist worldly. It is paramount that we push forward a wider international campaign to fight for # FreeLula which, at the same time that the ‘coup’ occurred in Brazil and it’s consequences, such as the attacks on democracy and on human rights, the judiciary arbritariety, public expenditure freezing, the new wave of privatisations and the handing over of our natural resources to private companies and foreign groups, and the extensive offensive to take away the rights of workers.


The International Solidarity Committee in defence of Lula and the Democracy in Brazil gathers together a diverse international articulation, popular movements, trade unions, political parties, democracy activists and human rights activists, and also, the Free Lula Committees in various places in the world. In other words, the committee gathers together all who fight for Lula’s freedom and for the restoration of the Brazilian Democracy.

Read more about The International Solidarity Committee in defence of Lula and the Democracy in Brazil here.


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