September 12, 2018

Dear friend Fernando Haddad,

You know how much I admire you as a human being, for your courage, intelligence, and dedication to the Brazilian people. Together, we had the opportunity of doing many things for our country, especially for the education of our children and youth. We offered opportunities to millions, thanks to the Prouni, the quota system, the new universities and federal technical schools, and by valuing teachers, when you were my Minister of Education.

I take great pride in our friendship and partnership.

Today I am transmitting to you the enormous responsibility of retaking the process of transformation of Brazil, for the benefit of the people, that we initiated in our administration. You know that it will not be easy to correct all the wrongs they have done to our country over the last two years. It will be necessary to work day and night, to dialogue with society, to know how to listen and to know how to act.

You have enough experience to stand up to these challenges. You have the support of the Workers’ Party and our allies. You have a Government Plan we drafted together to get our country out of the crisis.  And you can always count on me.

You will travel across Brazil as I have done. You will look the people in the eyes and see what I saw: the will to change, to dream again and to make these dreams come true, as we did once. You will represent me along this path back to the Presidency of the Republic, to once again realize the government of the people and of hope.

First and foremost, our thoughts must be with the people, especially with the people who most need support to achieve a better life.

All I ask you, my dear friend, is that you look after the Brazilian people with the greatest care, as I wish I could be doing.

May God enlighten you along this path.

Together we stand till victory.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva