August 7, 2019
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In our statement filed on 07/08/2019 in the records of Transfer Incident No. 5016515-95.2018.4.04.7000, pending before the 12th Federal Court of Curitiba, we request suspension of the analysis of the request of the Federal Police Superintendence until a final judgment is passed on Habeas corpus plea 164.493/PR, which is pending before the Federal Supreme Court.

As established on its last day of sitting, June 25th, the 2nd Federal Supreme Court working group should soon rule on the merits of the habeas corpus plea filed by us in order to recuse former judge Sergio Moro and bring about the annulment of the sentence passed by him and the restoration of Lula’s full freedom.

We also requested in the same petition of 07/08/2019, that in the event that the request made by the Office of the Superintendent of the Federal Police of Curitiba be approved, that information be provided to the Defense on whether the establishment is able to provide a cell compatible with the standards of a sala de estado maior [a larger cell with increased freedom of movement] with an opportunity for a prior statement from the Defense.

However, the decision issued today (07/08) by the 12th Federal Court of Curitiba denied the petitions filed by the Defense and, contrary to precedents already observed in relation to another former President of the Republic (TRF2, Internal Appeal in Habeas Corpus no. 0001249-27.2019.04.02.0000) denied former President Lula the right to a sala de estado maior and determined his transfer to a hitherto undefined establishment in São Paulo.

The Defense will take all necessary measures to restore full freedom to former President Lula and to secure the rights granted to him by Law and the Federal Constitution.

Workers Party