16 de July de 2019
Photo: Ricardo Stuckert

Former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has received in a meeting last Thursday (11) also former president Dilma Rousseff and José Saramago Foundation’s president Pilar Del Río. “It was a very touching meeting. It is too hard to see an innocent person in jail. I ask myself how our country has come to this, disrespecting all the civilizatory principles just to keep an innocent individual in jail”, declared Ms. Rousseff as she left the Federal Police of Brazil’s headquarters. “It is very painful seeing him like this”, summarized Ms. Rousseff while highlighting her belief that justice will be served. “The Brazilian court system cannot be demoralized”, she said.

Journalist and José Saramago Foundation’s president claims she has found in Lula a man fully capable of leadership and of outlining a reliable conjecture analysis. “I have met a world leader. We observe Brazil with such puzzlement”, says.

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Credits: Free Lula Vigil

lula.com.br | Translated by Lys Ribeiro. Revision: Marc Cabioch.