September 23, 2019

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is the victim of an unfair process and disseminating the arguments that prove his innocence is the goal of the booklet “Lula Livre”.

The assembled texts have an abundance of material to defend the former president’s innocence and denounce the lying narrative orchestrated by portions of the judiciary and the media.

The handbook shows that former President Lula has been ruthlessly persecuted because he has been defending the rights and interests of ordinary citizens for decades. Lula always fought for Brazil to be more fair and egalitarian. These causes motivated the production of lies against him and a conspiratorial network orchestrated by Deltan Dallagnol and Sérgio Moro who wanted to incriminate him.

Judge and prosecutor pretended to defend a noble cause, but have always had political and personal goals (enriching themselves) as the Vaza Jato report series has shown. The revelations made by The Intercept website began to be published only in early June 2019. Before that we had more than five years of selective lies and leaks that aimed to create a narrative to tarnish Lula’s image and turn him into a suspect. Throughout that time lawyers, jurists, politicians and social movements denounced the illegalities committed by Operation Lava Jato.

In addition to manipulating public opinion, blackmailing witnesses and posting illegally tapped telephone conversations, Moro and Dallagnol condemned Lula without presenting any evidence. Incriminating Lula was fundamental to implementing in Brazil the policies of withdrawal of rights, fiscal austerity and privatization of all the country’s wealth.

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Free Lula National Committee | Translated by Garnet Colly