02 de March de 2019

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Every human being with a minimum sense of dignity was sad and depressed over the premature death of Arthur Araújo, the seven year old grandson of former President Lula. But the fascists, who foster hatred and violence, are not human beings. They can’t even be called worms, since those animals have a role in nature. The cynically yell “God above all”, but when all is said and done, they worship the demon and death. These psychopath’s should heed Pope Francis’s lesson, “when you commemorate the death of someone, you are the first to die.” In life, these militia bagmen should pay for their crimes. When in power Hitler and Mussolini commemorated the deaths of millions of defenseless people. In the end, they were properly punished!

As soon as the news of the boy’s death, from meningococcal meningitis, was strangely announced by a columnist from O Globo on the morning of Friday, March 1st, hatred against ex-President Lula rose up from the sewers. Dozens of readers of that newspaper – which helped lay the egg of the fascist snake through its criminalization and demonization of leftists – made a point of posting disgusting comments. Many of these soulless jerks are nothing but malleable clay of the bourgeois sewer, who never tolerated the “soft reformism” of the former president who lifted millions of Brazilians out of extreme poverty. Manipulated, they believe that all the evils of humanity – including their own imbecility and failures – are Lula’s fault. Therefore, they celebrated the deaths of grandson Arthur Araújo, Lula’s wife Marisa Letícia and his brother Genivaldo Inácio “Vavá” da Silva, who passed away last month.

In the climate of hatred and irrationality that is corroding society, they no longer hide in anonymity, as in the case of the “youtuber” Alessandra Strutzel. Soon after the news of the death, this despicable character posted a photo of Lula with Arthur and the sadistic phrase: “At least some good news”. In response to a follower’s question, “What’s the good news?” – she said, “One less son of a bitch.” The follower replied, “I do not think you understand. The person who died was the grandson, a 7 year-old child.” The fascist’s answer was grounds for a lawsuit and severe punishment: “I do understand. Think about it, he would have grown up with his grandfather as an example, so it´s one less motherfucker to plunder our country.” Later, like all cowardly fascists, she apologized and claimed that “I just posted this to see how people would react.”

The worst moment of this sad day was not caused by the pitiful comments on O Globo newspaper or the posts of the “youtuber” asshole. The most pathetic comments were made by Congressman, Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-São Paulo), son of the President of the republic of bagmen. Faced with Lula’s temporary release to attend his grandson’s funeral, which is a legal right for all prisoners, the fascist munchkin said, “Lula is a common prisoner and should be in a common prison. When the relative of another prisoner dies, will he also be escorted by the Federal Police to the funeral? It is absurd to imagine this, it only enables a poor mugger to be in vogue.” Since he own father said he wouldn’t visit him in Papuda prison, the anger of this little fascist is understandable.

What would be your attitude be towards the arrest of a member of the Bolsonaro family – whether due to the ties with the murderous Rio de Janeiro militias; the rerouting of public funds to bagmen; for apologies for rape and violence; or for other crimes?

Blog do Miro | Photo: Ricardo Stuckert