September 3, 2018

Ler em português

The High Court of Brazil decided that Lula da Silva as the candidate for the Worker’s Party (PT) is not allowed to run for the presidential elections on October 7th. Lula has been arrested in April, he is accused of corruption, however, Lula is leading the polls and would become most likely the next president of Brazil. During his tenure from 2003-2011 he could free millions of people from poverty. These achievements haven been reversed by the acting president Michel Temer already, who only could come to office by a parliamentarian coup without any democratic legitimization.

The accusation against Lula is another step of the undermining of democracy and social rights in Brazil. The justices do not act independently, the trial seems politically motivated to hinder Lula to become Brazil’s next president. DIE LINKE stands in Solidarity with the Workers Party (PT), with Lula da Silva und demands his immediate release and his admission as presidential candidate.


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