20 de May de 2019

1. The festival which brought out thousands of people in Rio de Janeiro last year is now coming to São Paulo. With the participation of many renowned musicians, one more edition of the Lula Livre Festival will take place on June 2, this time in São Paulo. Some of the names already confirmed are Arnaldo Antunes, Chico César, Otto, Felipe Catto, Francisco El Hombre, Mombojó, Slam das Mina, Aláfia, Fernanda Takai, Dead Fish and Márcia Castro.

2. The Lula Livre Caravan, with Fernando Haddad, is in its third edition and now will travel through Northern Brazil, passing through the states of Amazonas and Pará. PT National Vice President and coordinator of the caravan, Marcio Macedo, explained the three central axes of the mobilization: the permanent fight for Lula’s freedom, the fight against pension reform and defense of the public education system.

3. The “good morning President Lula” shout on this Monday, May 20th, was fortified by visitors from several different Brazilian states. Among them were Sérgio and Márcia from Brasilia, Maria do Rosario from Fortaleza, and Márcia from Rio Grande do Sul. They were all visiting the resistance center for the first time and were invited by the activists to lead the 13 good morning shouts to the former President. Watch here: http://twixar.me/2JZn

4. The activists in the Vigil also took advantage of the good weather in Curitiba to give a new look to the resistance space. With the help of some of the visitors and representatives from the social movements and unions, the local coordinators made some repairs to the area where the demonstrations take place and cleaned the area. Afterwards, they participated in the shouts to the former President.

Bulletin 455 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Straight from Curitiba – 5/20/2019 – 409 days of resistance – 7:50 PM