23 de March de 2019

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1. Groups from New York held a demonstration on Friday, March 22nd, against the servile deals signed by Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) and US President Donald Trump. The protestors met in front of Trump Tower to demand freedom for ex-President Lula, who has been a political prisoner for 351 days. Among the organizations who held the protest were the Defend Democracy in Brazil Committee, DSA, ISO-NYC, Unite Against Racism and Fascism, Climate Save and the Humanas Collective. Together they reminded everyone that democracy will only return to Brazil when the ex-President is freed.

2. On this Saturday, March 23rd, newly arrived activists from São Paulo and Porto Alegre, joined in the ‘Good Morning President Lula’ shout. Comrade Carlos, coordinator of the Spiritism and Social Studies Collective, came to the Vigil on this Saturday to show solidarity with the ex-President. “Some people equivocally say that every spiritist movement is conservative and reactionary,” he said, “we want to say that a good part of the spiritist movement is progressive, on the left and supports freedom for Lula. This is why we are here today at the Vigil. We are here to show our affection and send our hugs to the ex-President.”

3. The ‘Good Afternoon President Lula,’ shout was joined in by activists from the Communist Party of Brazil (PC do B). Comrade Nilton spoke of the struggle and resistance in the Vigil and spoke of the 97 years since the founding of the PC do B and, especially, the 13 years in which the party stood by Lula and the PT’s side. “Lula, we have not abandoned you. We are proud of many things that were done during the 13 years of government, also with President Dilma. There were never so many people prospering and moving forwards as during this period.”

Bulletin 397 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Straight from Curitiba – 3/23/2019 – 351 days of resistance – 6:30 PM