17 de March de 2019

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1. In addition to strengthening the position against the current Brazilian political conjuncture, the National Lula Livre Meeting, which took place this Saturday, March 16th, in São Paulo, also served to announce a big national mobilization on April 7th, on the one year anniversary of the political imprisonment of former President Lula. On this day there will be a national Lula Livre movement. The initiative is part of the reorganization of mobilization strategies from the people’s committees that are spread throughout all regions of the nation, and will strengthen the Lula Livre campaign which started last year.

2. PT National President, Congresswoman Gleisi Hoffman (Paraná), denounced the members of the Lava Jato task-force led by public prosecutor Delton Dallagnol, during the National Lula Livre Meeting, for the crimes of gang formation, passive corruption and money laundering. Her accusations are based on the secret agreements made between the Lava Jato task force, the USA and Petrobras, to create a private foundation with R$2,5 billion of the state oil company’s funds. She demanded imprisonment for Dallagnol, against whom there is proof of crimes committed, contrary to what happened with Lula who was convicted without an material evidence.

3. Today, in Washington DC, during the arrival of Jair Bolsonaro for an official visit to the US, dozens of protesters representing at least 14 people’s organizations came out to the streets to protest against the Brazilian president. The protestors yelled against the extreme right President who came to meet his fellow right winger Donald Trump and they held signs calling for freedom for Lula and punishment for the assassins of Marielle Franco.

4. Márcio Penantes and Ricardo Ferreira, accountants from Pernambuco, joined in the ‘Good Morning President Lula,’ shout this Sunday, March 7, in Curitiba. Both specifically traveled to the city to visit the Lula Livre Vigil. “We had to come here. The Lula Livre Vigil is a very strong expression of President Lula. The unity, solidarity and patriotic feelings leave anyone who sees it feeling emotional. Thank you and congratulations,” said Márcio Penantes.

Bulletin 391 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Straight from Curitiba – 3/17/2019 – 345 days of resistance – 6:35 PM