16 de March de 2019

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1. One moment of intense emotions during the National Lula Livre Committee Meeting, which took place on this Saturday, March 16, in São Paulo, was the reading of a letter that former President Lula sent to the event. In the voice of the President of the Lula Institute, Paulo Okamotto, the participants and internauts heard the words of the PT leader, who thanked everyone for the support he has received and denounced the disrespect for the Constitution that resulted in his being victim of a court of exception. In his message, Lula said that, although they want to erase him from History, this will not happen thanks to the people who defend his project. The former President also criticized the Lava Jato task force for striking a deal with the US government to deliver Petrobras trade secrets that belong to the Brazilian people, to the foreigners. Read more: https://comitelulalivre.org/en/letter-from-president-lula-to-free-lula-committees/

2. The national Lula Livre Committee Meeting united hundreds of people in the Subway Workers Union in São Paulo and thousands of other campaign supporters from around the world watched the activities online. One of the many emotional moments was when members of Mangueira, the 2019 Rio de Janeiro Carnaval champions, sang their competition song which evoked the memory of Marielle Franco and the struggle against social injustice.

3. Bus caravans from across Brazil came to São Paulo to participate in the Lula Livre Committee meeting. Many members of the Lula Livre Democratic Vigil in Curitiba participated in the event and led the good morning greetings to former President Lula together with Lurian Cordieiro Lula da Silva, his daughter, who has made frequent visits to Curitiba. The Vigil activists who stayed in Curitiba watched the event online and delivered the traditional day’s greetings to the ex-President.

4. The International Action Commission of the Catalan Parliament approved a motion in favor of freedom for ex-President Lula on Friday, March 15th. The motion was submitted last October by Deputy Rut Ribas from the Juventude de Esquerda Republicana Party. The motion expresses, “support and solidarity to the International Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy in Brazil,” and “demands the release of ex-President Lula da Silva.”

Bulletin 390 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Straight from Curitiba – 3/16/2019 – 344 days of resistance – 9:15 PM