08 de February de 2019

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1. With no legal basis and repeating the same arbitrary practices adopted by her mentor Sérgio Moro – the judge who became a politician in the right wing extremist government of Jair Bolsonaro – Judge Gabriela Hardt condemned Lula to 12 years and 11 months of prison in the case of the Atibaia ranch in a sentence based on a succession of legal absurdities which has left renowned legal scholars perplexed. She presented no material proof, transformed plea bargain witness Léo Pinheiro into two people and created a conviction based on ‘nonexistent acts”, abandoning both legal norms and common sense. Confirm the judge’s lack of coherence and errors here:

2. The new conviction without proof against Lula generated an immediate reaction and brought hundreds of people to the streets of São Paulo in solidarity against the Lava Jato investigation’s judicial persecution of the former President on Thursday, February 7. The demonstration took place in the city’s downtown, with leaders of progressive political parties and social movements and showed, once again, the importance of the greatest popular leader in the history of Brazil. Read more here:

3. Vera Barbosa, an engineer, took part in the protest in defense of Lula on Thursday, February 7th, and spoke of her memories of the Lula Livre Vigil- a place which increased her will to confront the setbacks and maintain the resistance for the ex-President. “What happened at the Vigil was something really big and emotional. It was like a pilgrimage, with the type of marvelous energy that only someone with the magnetism of Lula is capable of generating,” she said. Vera also said that she never witnessed anything so harmonious and full of solidarity as the Vigil. “It is a place with great solidarity, companionship and is an example of community power for all of Brazil,” she said.

4. On this Sunday, PT, the largest left wing party in Latin America, completes 39 years of struggle and resistance on the side of the people. The date, which unfortunately will not come with much to celebrate, will be marked by demonstrations across Brazil in defense of freedom for Lula and in favor of the interests of the Brazilian people, whose social, labor and economic conquests are under threat from the right wing extremist Bolsonaro government. Check this link to learn about protests happening near you:

Bulletin 354 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Straight from Curitiba – 2/8/2019 – 308 days of resistance – 7:50 PM