07 de February de 2019

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1. PT senators Jaques Wagner (Bahia) and Humberto Costa (Pernambuco) visited ex-President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on this Thursday, February 7, one day after his absurd conviction in the case of a ranch in Atibaia, São Paulo. “They want to naturalize Lula’s imprisonment, but we will not let that happen,” said Wagner. Humberto Costa, the leader of PT in the Senate, said that Lula continues determined in the struggle against the injustice which he has been suffering and that is is also furious over the second conviction against him made without proof, in another heavily manipulated process full of problems and legal frailty. The Senator criticized the judge who convicted Lula for undetermined causes without demonstrating one single piece of material evidence against the ex-President. Read more here: http://www.pt.org.br/querem-naturalizar-a-prisao-de-lula-e-nao-vamos-deixar-diz-jaques-wagner/

2. In addition to Senators Jaques Wagner and Humberto Costa, the Lula Livre Vigil continues with the pervasive and resistant presence of the activists. The “Good night, President Lula,” shout had scores of participants, among them a group of electricians who came from across Brazil by caravan. The activists brought their support to the democratic resistance and their solidarity to the ex-President.

3. One day after the new arbitrary decision court decision against Lula, who was convicted for reforms made on a ranch that he never owned, hundreds of people came out to the streets in São Paulo in solidarity with the former President and against the political persecution against him. Activists gathered with various leftist leaders in front of the PT national headquarters. “I am not speaking here as a PT activist. I am speaking as a citizen who is furious who does not want to see any injustice of this sort ever committed, even against our adversaries. There are many signs that things are not going well in Brazil,” said Fernando Haddad, PT’s presidential candidate in the last election. He also said that it is impossible to disassociate the struggle to free Lula from the struggle for struggle for worker rights. “It is the same fight,” he said.

4. Lula’s absurd conviction happened during the same week that marked the two year anniversary of the death of his wife Marisa Letícia and a few days after the former President was barred from going to his brother Vavá’s funeral. For the lawyer Luiz Eduardo Greenhalgh, a member of Lula’s defense team, the facts are related and are not a mere coincidence. “Every time that Lula appears as a statesman to the Brazilian people, other nations and international organizations, they try to damage his image,” he said. He insists that Lula is a political prisoner and a veritable hostage of the Lava Jato investigation. Read more here: https://www.redebrasilatual.com.br/politica/2019/02/lula-e-mais-que-um-preso-politico-mas-um-refem-afirma-greenhalgh

5. The British website Brasil Wire wrote of the arbitrary conviction of Lula by Judge Gabriela Hardt. A story on the site explains how the process is the result of three accusations that were made by ex-Judge Sergio Moro, who resigned from the judiciary to become Minister of Justice in the right wing extremist government of Jair Bolsonaro, who he helped elect. The article explains that the property in question does not belong to the ex-President, that no material evidence was found, the the sentence is full of errors and based entirely on the words of one witness who has been convicted of various crimes, who is trying to get his sentence reduced. Read more here: http://www.brasilwire.com/6-holes-in-the-new-lawfare-conviction-against-lula/

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