05 de January de 2019

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1. The campaign to nominate former President Lula for the next Nobel Peace Prize is gaining more and more momentum. Initially spearheaded by Argentine Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the initiative has spread across the social media through the work of activists, who recognize the immense legacy left by Lula’s two governments. The supporters have until January 31st to formalize Lula’s candidacy. Click on the following link to collaborate with the campaign to nominate Brazil’s greatest President ever for the prize: https://www.nobelpeaceprize.org/Nomination/Nominator-application-form

2. Not even the strong rain which fell over Curitiba all day Saturday dampened the spirits of the activists at the Lula Livre Vigil. In addition to the traditional greetings shouts to the former President, the Vigil was visited by various amateur artists who used to space to sing, recite poetry and yell words of order against Lula’s political imprisonment and the attacks made against the Brazilian people by the new government.

Bulletin 320 – People’s Committee in Defense of Lula and Democracy
Straight from Curitiba – 1/5/2019 – 274 days of resistance – 7:15 PM